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At Universal Solar, LLC, we’re all about our clients becoming energy-independent, which is why we offer a variety of power systems for your property. A grid-tied system uses a grid-tie inverter to function, and it’s the most common solar system used among property owners. Since it’s connected to the electricity grid, you can expect it to produce clean energy credits and solar energy for later usage.

Our company has the experience and skills to guide you over what solar system to choose. So if you’re looking for solar energy companies in Millersburg, PA, that can install a grid-tied system for your household, get in touch with us!

Why Choose a Grid-Tied System?

They’re Easy & Cheaper To Install

At Universal Solar, LLC, we want to provide you with the best power source for your home. As such, we offer various solar power systems that aim to meet your property’s needs.

These are some of the benefits of having a grid-tied system:

  • Grid-tied systems are typically cheaper.
  • You can sell the energy you don’t use to your electric company through back feeding.
  • They serve you as virtual batteries.

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