Choose a Trusted Off-Grid Solar Power System For Your Millersburg, PA, Property

At Universal Solar, LLC, we want you to take advantage of solar energy. But we know that choosing the best off-grid system may not be easy. If you’re turning to solar energy and are looking for solar panel companies in Millersburg, PA, working with us is your best choice! Rely on us to design your off-grid solar power system correctly so it can generate enough power for your house throughout the year.

Our services include:

  • Solar light batteries
  • Solar batteries for home
  • Off-grid solar power system
  • Off-grid solar systems

Keep Your Property Powered At All Times

Become Energy-Independent

You rely on electricity to power your home at all times. Still, when an outage lasts longer than expected, you need a reliable power source. At Universal Solar, LLC, we hook up the panels with batteries to store energy for later use, and most applications come with a backup generator, too. This means that you’ll avoid power outages and won’t be tied to a power company.

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Financing Options Available

Even though installing an off-grid solar system might seem expensive, it can also mean that there will be no electric bills to pay. In addition, this system is perfect for every property since it doesn’t require a specialized infrastructure to function. So if you’re interested in getting power for your home and saving money in the long run, contact our solar power company in Millersburg, PA. Ask about our free estimates and financing options available!

Our Full Range of Services

Become energy-independent and request your off-grid solar system installation!

Off-Grid Solar System

Save money while ensuring your energy is never wasted!

Grid-Tied System

Keep vital lighting running during any power outage.

Grid Interactive System

Get a green source of energy and reduce the environmental impact of your property.

Solar Panel Installation & Repairs

Enjoy having fresh water even during power outages.

Simple Pump

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